We strongly encourage you to work remotely if you can.

Precautionary measures FAQ

This list will be reviewed on a regular basis and will keep you posted on any further developments in real-time.

What sanitary measures have you taken?
Disinfectant gel, spray will be available everywhere, use them without moderation to disinfect the spaces you have occupied, your keyboard, your mobile, etc. 

Is it still possible to visit your coworking spaces?
You can book a tour by appointment, our local team will contact you to organize this https://silversquare.eu/book-a-tour/

Can we still rent meeting rooms?
All our meeting rooms are closed. We follow and totally support government recommendations to avoid the gatering of more than one person and maintain physical distance.

Are the scheduled event maintained?
All events are postponed. We look forward to seeing you as soon as all of this is behind us!

Can we know the density of coworkings to avoid crowded places?
you can contact your local team and ask info about the density of our spaces to choose the one you prefer

Is the inbound post service maintained?
Yes, we continue to receive and sort you mail. You can pick it up at your convenience.

I have some connection problems while working from home, can you help me?
Yes, you can contact us at community@silversquare.eu and we ill provide you support.

I would like to offer my services/ support to the community members, how can I do this?
The next few weeks will be tough, but we are very confident in our ability to come through this situation stronger together. You are an expert in a domain of use in these troubled times, you know a technology that’s a game changer for working from home, you have tips and tricks that will make a difference for your fellow coworkers? It’s important and will make the difference. Write us at community@silversquare.eu

Where can I send my questions/ concerns about COVID-19?
Contact us at prevention@silversquare.eu