Community power28 mai 2020

Cheers to a better future with CANHOP, the Silversquare’s beer created by you!

Silversquare and Loepold7, a sustainable Belgian craft brewery, create the first community beer.
A 100% Belgian beer, made by members (entrepreneurs and co-workers)  for members (and not  only), in a collaborative and festive spirit.

"The  beer  is  the medium"

Canhop  beer  was  created  in a collaborative way: first tasted, selected, even the name was chosen by the members.
Canhop beer, with its playful design,  perfectly embodies what the Silversquare community is: innovative, enterprising and epicurean minds without taking themselves too seriously!


Why a beer?

• Rallying product par excellence
• Queen of afterwork in Belgium
• Incarnates the belgian DNA of Silversquare
• Because the best ideas can be found after work, on the terrace, over a cold beer with collaborators or coworkers!
• Because it is a pretext for meeting people, it allows us to create links.
• Beer… Well,  it’s getting people closer, doesn’t?


Why « Canhop »?

• Can  = to can / Hop :  Hope
Hop motivation
Hop comes from »dry hopping », a hop technique (in the process to create beers)
Reference to the Canopy:  ecosystem, diversity, the canopy is above the other trees, it is the highest stratum of the forest.


Canhop, premium work beer. Always give you hop, never  let’s  you down!

Every Fridays, Fresh Canhop in the fridge in all coworking.
Silversquare and co(mmunity)