Community power6 mai 2020

Camille, from Inspire Moi un Métier, shares with us podcasts to keep learning and discover things!

Dear Silversquare Community,

A few days have passed or maybe was it weeks…? I don’t know if you feel this distortion of time lately. I sure do.

My work has shifted so much due to this Covid-19 situation that I wanted to share about these two topics this week. The first is procrastination as I feel this is something that we all face here and there in our personal and professional life. And especially when we are left with a complete different organization and routine that what we usually have. The second is about moving your business online as this is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and companies are doing right now worldwide.

What we're really procrastinating on ?

This TED is one of the most seen ever, maybe because we all feel like a procrastinator at some point in our life…

I wanted to share with you this journey with the following three characters: The rational decision-maker, the instant gratification monkey and the panic monster! This journey helps us understand how we behave and maybe also how to tame these different parts of ourselves so we can reach our goals before we run out of time.

How to create an online course ?

Depending on which field you work on you may or may not be asking yourself this question. With this Covid-19 situations, a lot of the people around me are looking at sharing their expertise and services online so they can ensure business continuity in the kind of situation we are living.

To support you through this process, I chose to share this episode from the French podcast « J’peux pas j’ai business » created by Aline Bartoli, funder of The B Boost. Aline is a business coach, based in Paris and she posts a new podcast every week. She has a beautiful energy and spontaneity, mixed with all kinds of tips and shares that can really support you in growing your business. She has already more than 100k downloads which is very impressive.

Enjoy, stay safe at home as much as possible and if you need any support with video or podcast production feel free to reach out!

Have a beautiful week.

Camille from Silversquare Triomphe