Cheers to a better future with CANHOP, the Silversquare’s beer created by you!

Community power28 mai 2020

Cheers to a better future with CANHOP, the Silversquare’s beer created by you!

Silversquare and Loepold7, a sustainable Belgian craft brewery, create the first community beer.
A 100% Belgian beer, made by members (entrepreneurs and co-workers)  for members (and not  only), in a collaborative and festive spirit.

"The  beer  is  the medium"

Canhop  beer  was  created  in a collaborative way: first tasted, selected, even the name was chosen by the members.
Canhop beer, with its playful design,  perfectly embodies what the Silversquare community is: innovative, enterprising and epicurean minds without taking themselves too seriously!


Why a beer?

• Rallying product par excellence
• Queen of afterwork in Belgium
• Incarnates the belgian DNA of Silversquare
• Because the best ideas can be found after work, on the terrace, over a cold beer with collaborators or coworkers!
• Because it is a pretext for meeting people, it allows us to create links.
• Beer… Well,  it’s getting people closer, doesn’t?


Why « Canhop »?

• Can  = to can / Hop :  Hope
Hop motivation
Hop comes from »dry hopping », a hop technique (in the process to create beers)
Reference to the Canopy:  ecosystem, diversity, the canopy is above the other trees, it is the highest stratum of the forest.


Canhop, premium work beer. Always give you hop, never  let’s  you down!

Every Fridays, Fresh Canhop in the fridge in all coworking.
Silversquare and co(mmunity)

Les Compagnons, the FOOD partner of Silversquare delivers fresh food in all our coworking spaces!

Les Compagnons, the FOOD partner of Silversquare deliver fresh food in all our coworking spaces!

Do you know Les Compagnons?

Les Compagnons are  partners of Silversquare and  the  beating heart  of Silversquare Triomphe building,  animated by attentive  service and a lasting commitment;  durable ; A warm  and  amazing   place to  relax  and eat well all day long.  

The Values of Les Compagnons:
JOYFUL: A  radiant team &  happy customers
DURABILITY: Respect for  the environment  is at the heart of  all  our  concerns
ENGAGEMENT: The constant  attention  of taking  care  of   everyone 

The offer : 
The Team of Les Compagnons,   is  looking forward  and  happy  to be able to bring tasty dishes to the  whole Silversquare community from 18.05 

The dishes  offered  by Les Compagnons are  passionately made   from   fresh  products from  local farms.   


Home made food delivered to your Silversquare coworking

Various dishes, sandwiches, soups, hot dishes, pastries, vacuum dishes for the evening, local beers, natural wines…
Are you salivating just at the idea?
Don’t hesitate to order! 

Don’t hesitate to ask questions to your Local Team, they’ll help you to follow the process to order

Second appel de Team4Job! Valorisez votre expérience et devenez mentor d’un chercheur d’emploi

Community power, HR13 mai 2020

Second appel de Team4Job! Valorisez votre expérience et devenez mentor d’un chercheur d’emploi

Team4Job continue !

Chers coworkers,

Notre plus grande volonté, durant ces semaines de confinement, est d’offrir le meilleur accompagnement possible aux chercheurs d’emploi bruxellois.
Notre équipe est confinée… mais reste plus que jamais connectée !

Le mentorat a du sens, même à distance. Les moyens pour communiquer ne manquent pas et révèlent de nouvelles formes de dialogue et de lien à l’autre.

Partagez l’information autour de vous

Pour ceux qui hésitent encore, nous proposons le 28.05 de 12h30 à 13h30 une séance information en ligne (FR) !

Vous êtes intéressé de vivre cette expérience unique? Rejoignez l’aventure Team4Job !
Inscrivez-vous via ce formulaire.

You can also register on our website and we will contact you back.

Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches,
A très (très) bientôt !
L’équipe Team4Job

Plus d’informations ? / / 02 613 16 44

Qu'est-ce que Team4Job ?

Team4Job offre un programme de mentorat qui met en relation un chercheur d’emploi (mentee) avec une personne professionnellement active (mentor) pour booster sa recherche.

Ensemble, ils forment un binôme et se rencontrent minimum 2 fois par mois pendant 6 mois. Le but étant de partager l’expérience, la connaissance du marché du travail et le réseau du mentor au profit du mentee.

Grâce au mentorat, 70% des chercheurs d’emploi décrochent un job, lancent leur entreprise ou reprennent une formation dans les 6 mois !


Loïc, mentor
« La magie de cette initiative réside dans l’apport mutuel que le binôme cristallise. Team4Job m’a permis en 5 binômes d’en apprendre plus que mes mentees. Quoi de plus exaltant que de célébrer ensemble une remise à l’emploi, fruit d’un travail d’équipe « win-win » ? »

Burcu, mentee
« Dès le premier rendez-vous avec Team4Job, l’équipe m’a tout de suite cernée et attribué le bon mentor : celui qui allait correspondre à mes besoins et à ma personnalité. Il a compris qui j’étais et il croyait en moi. Je recommande Team4Job pour leur professionnalisme, leur intérêt pour le chercheur d’emploi et l’accompagnement personnalisé. »

Silversquare had a lockdown rooftop party without breaking the rules!

Silversquare had a lockdown rooftop party without breaking the rules!

There is nothing to do, at Silversquare we are human contacts addicted, social beings, community minded.

We miss terribly the after-works and the Brussels nightlife!

That’s why this weekend, in collaboration with the FANCY FOOTWORK collective, we invited renowned DJs to the rooftop of our future coworking space, Silversquare Central.

The  rooftop  terrace is an amazing spot! It offers a stunning view of Brussels & music was crazy!

We spent a great moment, a musical parenthesis. We enjoyed the disdance beats,  glass in hand,  all together but remotely !

For those who missed it, relive this experience here!

LXNGTN meets Fares

Concierge d'Amour

One more DJ-set will follow next Friday (08.05) at 6pm streamed from our SIlversquare Central rooftop . The legend RAOUL , who has long been the host of Switch at Studio Brussel.

All sets are posted on our Silversquare Facebook page.

Our advise… don’t miss it 🙂

*For those who are wondering, Silversquare Central will open its doors in January 2021 (exciting!)

Camille, from Inspire Moi un Métier, shares with us podcasts to keep learning and discover things!

Community power6 mai 2020

Camille, from Inspire Moi un Métier, shares with us podcasts to keep learning and discover things!

Dear Silversquare Community,

A few days have passed or maybe was it weeks…? I don’t know if you feel this distortion of time lately. I sure do.

My work has shifted so much due to this Covid-19 situation that I wanted to share about these two topics this week. The first is procrastination as I feel this is something that we all face here and there in our personal and professional life. And especially when we are left with a complete different organization and routine that what we usually have. The second is about moving your business online as this is something that a lot of entrepreneurs and companies are doing right now worldwide.

What we're really procrastinating on ?

This TED is one of the most seen ever, maybe because we all feel like a procrastinator at some point in our life…

I wanted to share with you this journey with the following three characters: The rational decision-maker, the instant gratification monkey and the panic monster! This journey helps us understand how we behave and maybe also how to tame these different parts of ourselves so we can reach our goals before we run out of time.

How to create an online course ?

Depending on which field you work on you may or may not be asking yourself this question. With this Covid-19 situations, a lot of the people around me are looking at sharing their expertise and services online so they can ensure business continuity in the kind of situation we are living.

To support you through this process, I chose to share this episode from the French podcast « J’peux pas j’ai business » created by Aline Bartoli, funder of The B Boost. Aline is a business coach, based in Paris and she posts a new podcast every week. She has a beautiful energy and spontaneity, mixed with all kinds of tips and shares that can really support you in growing your business. She has already more than 100k downloads which is very impressive.

Enjoy, stay safe at home as much as possible and if you need any support with video or podcast production feel free to reach out!

Have a beautiful week.

Camille from Silversquare Triomphe