Containment, couple and children: what about homeworking? 3rd notebook by Samantha from Home Made Company

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Please, discover today the third book


How are you after those first four weeks of confinement? How’s it going for you?

This period is a real challenge, and our human relations are so impacted. We miss our colleagues, friends, families, we live 24 hours a day with  spouse  and  child. A multitude of contradictory emotions, and moreover, we end up with several full-time caps: collaborator, parent, teacher, chef,  housekeeper, etc.

This time that pushes us to question ourselves, we are committed to being useful to you, as best we can.

That’s why we send you our third notebook « Confinement, couple & children: and homework in there ? »: a sum of exercises, reflections, tips and tricks to live and organise this daily life turned upside down.

You can find our 3 notebooks  → here ←

More than ever, we remain at your disposal if you need us.
You can reach us whenever you want!
Take good care of yourself, and all those dear to you.

We can’t wait to see you again!
Samantha Hoggart

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