Community power, Webinar16 avril 2020

Astrid Van Lierde: The power of Data in the Coronavirus context

WEBINAR with Astrid Van Lierde from Dalberg Data Insights (DDI)
When: Wednesday 22nd April, 2pm

During this session, Dalberg Data Insights will present the current development of the toolkit Data Against Corona virus. The session will touch upon the methodology, the approach and strategy as well as presenting some direct results.

DDI has deployed a full pilot of the Data-Against-Corona toolkit together with the Belgian government, by using anonymised telecom data from the 3 telecom operators and combining it with localised incidence data. DDI set up a governance model, cleared the regulatory requirements and developed algorithms and visualisation. DDI directly feeds the crisis committee and the government to make decisions and communicate to the population. Dalberg Data Insights is currently engaging with other countries to scale up the toolkit in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Since its outbreak in China in 2019, Coronavirus has become a global pandemic. With the growing numbers of people at threat of the infection, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the pandemic and its drivers in order to stop its further spread. Such drivers are interpersonal proximity and human mobility, which are responsible for the expansion of the disease and the introduction of the disease into new locations. However, little is known about mobility patterns of people, and reliable systematic insights regarding people’s travel are not available for health surveillance and intervention planning. At the same time, Ministries of Health and City Authorities need an updated information with high geographic resolution on the spread of the virus in order to take more informed decisions on, for example, when and where to quarantine, where to prioritise resources and interventions based on estimated risk levels.

In 2013, Dalberg Data Insights (DDI) was the only private company to combine telecom data and incidence data to map the spread of Ebola. In the following years, DDI continued to deepen its expertise in working on applying digital to public matters: combating Zika in Brazil, eradicating malaria in Zambia and Guinea.

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