Community power15 avril 2020

All Silversquare's are artfully imagined by artists

Today it’s world art day, that’s why we focus the relationship between Silversquare and ART! 

Silversquare invites artists and designers to give its workspaces extra soul. Efficiency is one thing, but atmosphere is just as important to create a work environment helping productivity. In the end, each venue is unique and makes Silversquare an ecosystem based on diversity.

*Artfully imagined by creatives
Inviting artists to participate in the conception of the locations
is an important part of creating the spirit of the place, which is unique to each location, shaping global diversity.

*Optimally designed for proficiency
Silversquare has elevated space planning to an art form, anticipating the needs of its members in terms of comfort, flexibility and interaction.
This is your golden standard.

When we talk about diversity within the Silversquare community, it is a great opportunity for us to introduce the artists among our entrepreneurs members. This might surprise you, you only know them at work. We also wanted to celebrate all artists who designed our workspaces.

Fabrice Randriamanantany from Silversquare Stéphanie
His official Job: IT Recruitment consultant for developer profiles
As an Artist: painter
« everything is a matter of flow and energy »
Check out his Instagram & Portfolio

Aurélien Ernst from Silversquare Triomphe

His official job: Account Manager @ Sellbranch
As an artist: Photographer
His photographic approach: capturing the human in his environment
Check out his instagram

Lizeta Ioan from Silversquare Luxembourg

His official job: Account Officer
As an artist: Photographer
Check out her instagram

Designers of Silversquare's coworking spaces

Lionel Jadot
Origin: born in Brussels in 1969
Know-how: Interior designer, artist, film maker,
designer and adventurer.
Dada: Upcycling
Philosophy: For him everything is object, everything is history. Nothing is thrown away, nothing is lost. He mixes the materials and combines eras. He likes imperfection, it is human. . It breathes life into interiors.
The object, the place becomes an adventure.
Why him? This autodidact learned everything alone …
More info:

Lady Jane
Name: Jane Haesen
Origin: Belgium
Know-how: creative, DJ, Owner of the bar Jane (Brussels)
Philosophy: As she did not find her happiness
in the Brussels evenings, she decided to launch her
own label, Le Catclub. One of the evening concepts
more original and appreciated by Brussels.
Why her? Jane knows how to mix genres. The Catclub
never take place in a club, but appropriate abandoned buildings or places with a interesting architecture to customize them in the Catclub way.

Studio Krjst
Names: Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx
Origin: Brussels
Know-how: fashion designers, artists, image creators,
scenographers and weavers.
Dada: Their weavings are invitations to the contemplation.
Philosophy: KRJST uses colors and materials to express what words can’t describe. they use colors to express what they can’t say with words. They paint with weaving threads imaginary landscapes of a poetic, calm kingdom
and tormented, the chaos where emotions are born.
Why we work with them ? Textile art is both familiar and complex. The contemplator can come closer and take a close look at the details, and then take a little distance to understand the situation in this together.
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More exciting Artists collaboration to come…