Community power9 avril 2020

The fruit baskets usually delivered in our coworkings can now be delivered to you at home! with Fruits& Passions

Fruits&Passions x Silversquare

Good morning to all of you,

In these difficult times, it is our duty to make our contribution to our community. More than ever, mutual aid and collaboration are two essential pillars that must be applied in our daily lives. With this in mind,  Fruits and Passions has decided to contribute its stone to the building as well!

Contribution to the community

Due to the containment measures imposed, it is difficult for many people to be able to travel within the sales outlets in order to carry out their shopping. While our services were initially intended for corporations, we felt it was our responsibility to help individuals by making life as easy as possible for them.

That’s why Fruits and Passions comes to you! During this period of confinement, we have therefore taken the decision to set up a device, aimed at individuals, with the aim of delivering fruit and vegetable formulas to the home. With just a few clicks and via our website, you can place your order to be delivered on Mondays and Fridays.

To do this, each week, Fruits and Passions  will display several formulas representing each of the different compositions of fruits and vegetables.

One of our most important challenges will be to continue to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables depending on the season and the delivery difficulties that our country is currently experiencing.

Under security, our delivery drivers will walk the roads to come to you and prevent you from leaving your home for your fruit and vegetable purchases.

Want to place an order ?

Place your orders online via our website

I’m helping my neighbor!
The main objective of Fruits and Passions is to help you through this difficult time. Would you like to participate in this collaborative channel? So don’t hesitate to inform your neighbours and loved ones of this new service that we make available specifically. We will be happy to help you and those around you fill up on vitamins!

For more information, please visit our website.

Take care of yourself,
The Fruit team


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