Looking for Investment funds lawyers, contact Urlike & Viviane from Marjac Avocats at SQ Luxembourg

Community power29 avril 2020

Looking for Investment funds lawyers, contact Urlike & Viviane from Marjac Avocats at SQ Luxembourg

We have set-up the new law firm Marjac Avocats in October 2019 because we wanted something else in our working lives. Marjac Avocats is focusing on investment funds and regulatory matters. We have been working since more than 20 years each in the finance industry in Luxembourg. By the way, this is how we met: young junior lawyers at Loesch & Wolter becoming Linklaters Luxembourg. After years of work in law firms and banks, we came both to the conclusion that we could not find our place in the existing firms (nationals, internationals, we tried several of them).

Why Marjac ?

  • We want to give sense to what we do
  • We want more interconnections with the world
  • We want to be able to privilege quality above quantity and profitability
  • We want more human and simple relationships with colleagues and with clients
  • We want to offer better service and take the advantage of the new technologies

What did we do ?

Take a RISK and forget monthly wages to set-up our firm as we want and try to make the difference. And it did work!

We are both pretty well known in the finance industry as a professional but also as individuals for our human sense of approach. We met people and started to on-board clients. Formers clients followed, interest was growing in the market and people helped us where they could. We could not have dreamed better!

But now and the covid-19 crisis ?

We cannot meet people anymore and it is hard to develop. We are present on the web, but we have to acknowledge that in our case face to face meeting are much more profitable. With the crisis and the inability to meet people we find it hard to get new clients. We are working in the finance world and many of our clients have been hit by the market turbulences. Some clients have stopped their projects, business has slowed down and probably for a while. For a starting firm it is more than hard, like for many of you !

What’s next ?

Thanks to our strong organization and IT system, we work remotely from home, organize calls and online meetings. We can continue to serve clients as before.

What we need is : that you speak about us, if you know people working in the finance area please talk about Marjac, and if you hear talks about investment funds lawyers do not hesitate to recommend us ! That would be the best help for our survival.


Nodalview, member at SQ Louise offers real estate agents the opportunity to create videos for free!

Nodalview, member at SQ Louise offers real estate agents the opportunity to create videos for free!

Generating videos from a virtual tour or photos, even if they  haven’t been captured with Nodalview, it’s now possible!
With our brand new video creation feature, you can create a  short video « trailer » for each of your mandates or introduce  your agency. Check it out →  HERE  ←

Nodalview Webinars

Various webinars concerning real estate photography, video, … are available in different languages (french, english, italian, …) on Nodalview’s platform. Check them out!

Want to know more about Nodalview?
Contact: Julien Rouschmeyer // +32 487 16 15 63

Containment, couple and children: what about homeworking? 3rd notebook by Samantha from Home Made Company

Containment, couple and children: what about homeworking? 3rd notebook by Samantha from Home Made Company

Home Made Company is based at Silversquare Louise. Our mission is to support companies in developing the potential of their employees, through training, workshops and coaching.
In short, changing the world 😊

Please, discover today the third book


How are you after those first four weeks of confinement? How’s it going for you?

This period is a real challenge, and our human relations are so impacted. We miss our colleagues, friends, families, we live 24 hours a day with  spouse  and  child. A multitude of contradictory emotions, and moreover, we end up with several full-time caps: collaborator, parent, teacher, chef,  housekeeper, etc.

This time that pushes us to question ourselves, we are committed to being useful to you, as best we can.

That’s why we send you our third notebook « Confinement, couple & children: and homework in there ? »: a sum of exercises, reflections, tips and tricks to live and organise this daily life turned upside down.

You can find our 3 notebooks  → here ←

More than ever, we remain at your disposal if you need us.
You can reach us whenever you want!
Take good care of yourself, and all those dear to you.

We can’t wait to see you again!
Samantha Hoggart

Home Made Company
samantha@homemadecompany.be  //  +32 473 77 51 86
xavier@homemadecompany.be // 0485 00 54 25.
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WEBINAR: how to go through the crisis with Alexandre Ponchon & Axel Kuborn

Community power, HR22 avril 2020

WEBINAR: how to go through the crisis with Alexandre Ponchon & Axel Kuborn

Alex & Axel will share their own experience of the crisis. They will explore solution driven examples with an opportunistic angle.


“ROUNDTABLE, how to go through the crisis”, is a series of webinar specifically focusing on local, concrete and tangible examples of measures taken by our various guests to go through this unprecedented times.

Our guests will be interviewed to share their own experience of the crisis. It will clearly explore solution driven examples with an opportunistic but pragmatic angle. Our guests are active and experts in various business such as finance, data science, retail, politics and many more.

Register on Eventbrite: https://bit.ly/2W31xbR

Valorisez votre expérience et devenez mentor d’un chercheur d’emploi ! avec Team4Job, membre à Louise (FR)

Community power, HR22 avril 2020

Valorisez votre expérience et devenez mentor d’un chercheur d’emploi ! avec Team4Job, membre à Louise.

Team4Job continue !

Chers coworkers,

Notre plus grande volonté, durant ces semaines de confinement, est d’offrir le meilleur accompagnement possible aux chercheurs d’emploi bruxellois.

Notre équipe est confinée… mais reste plus que jamais connectée !

Le mentorat a du sens, même à distance. Les moyens pour communiquer ne manquent pas et révèlent de nouvelles formes de dialogue et de lien à l’autre.

Donnez du sens à votre quotidien et valorisez vos expériences ! 

Comme nos amis membres à Louise, Margaux, Marine, Bertrand, Axel ou Pierre-Loïc, rejoignez notre team de mentors.

Partagez l’information autour de vous

Pour ceux qui hésitent encore, nous proposons ce jeudi une séance information en ligne (FR) !  

Vous êtes intéressé de vivre cette expérience unique? Rejoignez l’aventure Team4Job !
Inscrivez-vous via  ce formulaire
Vous pouvez aussi vous inscrire via notre site web et nous vous contacterons.

Prenez soin de vous et de vos proches,
A très (très) bientôt !
L’équipe Team4Job

Plus d’informations ?
www.team4job.be / info@team4job.be / 02 613 16 44

Qu'est-ce que Team4Job ?

Team4Job offre un programme de mentorat qui met en relation un chercheur d’emploi (mentee) avec une personne professionnellement active (mentor) pour booster sa recherche.

Ensemble, ils forment un binôme et se rencontrent minimum 2 fois par mois pendant 6 mois. Le but étant de partager l’expérience, la connaissance du marché du travail et le réseau du mentor au profit du mentee.

Grâce au mentorat, 70% des chercheurs d’emploi décrochent un job, lancent leur entreprise ou reprennent une formation dans les 6 mois !


Loïc, mentor
« La magie de cette initiative réside dans l’apport mutuel que le binôme cristallise. Team4Job m’a permis en 5 binômes d’en apprendre plus que mes mentees. Quoi de plus exaltant que de célébrer ensemble une remise à l’emploi, fruit d’un travail d’équipe « win-win » ? »

Burcu, mentee
« Dès le premier rendez-vous avec Team4Job, l’équipe m’a tout de suite cernée et attribué le bon mentor : celui qui allait correspondre à mes besoins et à ma personnalité. Il a compris qui j’étais et il croyait en moi. Je recommande Team4Job pour leur professionnalisme, leur intérêt pour le chercheur d’emploi et l’accompagnement personnalisé. »

20.04 International Weed Day with Felipe Velasquez from Silversquare Stéphanie

20.04 International Weed Day with Felipe Velasquez from Silversquare Stéphanie

How 20 April became the "Weed day"?

April 20, or 4.20, is kwown as « Weed Day » because the date corresponds with a numerical code for marijuana.

Why do we want to introduce you Felipe Velasquez, a member at Silversquare Stéphanie?

No, he is not a smoker! 🌼😉
He works in this industry and we wanted to learn more about his project for FCM Global.

FCM Global is a biotech company that provides high-quality-cost-efficient organic cannabis extracts to final product manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and wellness industries.

Cannabis, also known as Marijuana, has a 6,000 year history of human use dating back to ancient empires such as Rome, Egypt, and China. However, since becoming illegal in the early 20th century due to its intoxicating properties, it’s fair to say the knowledge gap has broadened as to the plant’s uses and potential.

After decades of restricted access and stigma, the tide is turning back towards what our ancestors discovered long ago. Now, Medical Cannabis is legal in most European, North American and Latin American countries. Millions of patients rely on medical cannabis today, with Canada and Israel paving the way in cannabis research in areas like pain, sleep, gastrointestinal, mood and neurological disorders. 

There are over 750 compounds found in the plant, including at least 104 cannabinoids. THC is the cannabinoid you are likely most familiar with (it’s the psychoactive one and the one that gives you the “high”), but another cannabinoid that is being intensely studied is CBD – a non-psychoactive medicine that has wide applications to several diseases. While THC and CBD are the two major cannabinoids, there are a few lesser-known cannabinoids which also play important roles: Cannabichromene (CBC), Cannabigerol (CBG), Cannabinol (CBN), Tetrahydrocannbivarin (THCv), and Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa). In different combinations, they work together with terpenes – aromatic oils that are present in most plants – to provide relief for a variety of aliments.

How does it work?, we all have an endocannabinoid system which is common to all mammals. The endocannabinoid system is a network of receptors and compounds found within the brain, connective tissues, immune cells, and glands. Cannabinnoids (THC, CBD, CBG, etc) fit like a “lock and key” into receptors existing within the human body, known as “bindings”. These series of receptors are a part of the endocannabinoid system, which impacts physiological processes affecting pain modulation, memory, and appetite, plus anti-inflammatory effects and other immune system responses.

Back in the day, typically only dried cannabis flower was used. However, consumption methods have evolved into three broad categories today: ingestion (edibles or beverages, tinctures or sprays, and capsules), inhalation (smoking, vaporising, and/or dabbing concentrates), and application (transdermal patches and topicals like balms offer localised relief through a controlled dose).

Each of these methods have their own pros and cons, but in the end, they all offer the medical cannabis patient with a wide variety to choose from.

Lastly, besides being an organic product and more in line with your body, medical cannabis is contributing to society by providing new opportunities in agriculture and creating new jobs in farming, chemistry, engineering, operations and retail word wide.

Want to know more ?
Contact Felipe Velasquez

Support your favorite restaurants with THE FORK, member at Silversquare Triomphe

Community power17 avril 2020

Support your favorite restaurants with THE FORK, member at Silversquare Triomphe

#SaveOurRestaurants: Purchase a prepaid voucher to help your favorite restaurant!

Today, our restaurants need us now more than ever. Even though we cannot leave home, we can still support our favorite restaurant by buying a prepaid voucher.

“Save Our Restaurants” (“Aidons Nos Restaurants” in French and “Help Onze Restaurants” in Flemish) is a platform powered by TheFork and TripAdvisor, designed to bring people and organizations together to support the restaurant community during the COVID-19 health crisis.

How does it work?

  1.  Buy a prepaid voucher today on aidonsnosrestaurants.be / helponzerestaurants.be You can choose any amount from 10€ to 250€, and you will receive the voucher by email.
  2. Restaurant receives your help
    Restaurant can support its business expenses until it reopens.
  3. Enjoy your meal later
    When the restaurant reopens, you can enjoy your meal with friends and family!

It is our hope that by providing this resource, we will be able to mobilize loyal customers to provide much-needed support to their favorite places in town, so that they can pay their business expenses during this unprecedented period, and still be able to reopen once this is all over. All restaurants, whether they are partner of TheFork or not, may be listed on the platform aidonsnosrestaurants.be or helponzerestaurants.be.

Share the #SaveOurRestaurant / #AidonsNosRestaurants / #HelpOnzeRestaurants campaign and encourage your friends to participate!

Facebook: @TheForkBelgique
Instagram: @theforkbe
LinkedIn: TheFork, a TripAdvisor company

Les bon plans patagés par French-Connect, membre à Silversquare Louise!

Community power17 avril 2020

Les bon plans patagés par French-Connect, membre à Silversquare Louise!

French-connect est un magazine web et réseau. Stéphanie Sellieret et Muriel Chapelle vous trouvent les bons endroits pour découvrir à Bruxelles et organiser des activités de réseautage et des événements lifestyle.

Muriel partage avec nous 4 articles écrits par French-Connect pour faire face à cette période! Nous vous recommandons d’y jeter un œil ! Beaucoup de belles idées!

Site web: https://www.french-connect.com/travail-et-entreprise
Contact: business@french-connect.com
Tel: 02 880 74 72

#1 Et si c'était l'occasion de s'instruire, réfléchir, partager?

Après les moments de télétravail, il faut nourrir notre esprit pour apporter des idées nouvelles et se remettre en jambes pour « l’après » qui nous attend, quand on retournera chez Silversquare! Voici les idées de French-Connect: https://bit.ly/2zbAcwl

#2 Les adresses et idées utiles quand on est bloqués à la maison, spéciales confinement

On imagine bien que vous ne rêvez que d’une chose c’est retourner travailler chez Silversquare. Chez French-connect on vous a déniché quelques adresses pour faire du confinement une opportunité.
Retrouvez les addresses ici: https://bit.ly/2VdAwmB

#3 Carnet de survie pour les parents et pour les enfants qui s'ennuient

C’est sûr, c’est plus facile de travailler de Silversquare que de la maison, surtout lorsqu’on joue les garderies. Chez French-connect on vous a déniché quelques bonnes idées pour gérer les enfants!
Plus d’information: https://bit.ly/3evxUIw

#4 Comment faire de son confinement un séjour comme à l’hôtel?

Transformez votre séjour à la maison comme si vous étiez en escapade à l’hôtel… Voici les astuces French-Connect: https://bit.ly/34N891J

Astrid Van Lierde: The power of Data in the Coronavirus context

Community power, Webinar16 avril 2020

Astrid Van Lierde: The power of Data in the Coronavirus context

WEBINAR with Astrid Van Lierde from Dalberg Data Insights (DDI)
When: Wednesday 22nd April, 2pm
Access: https://zoom.us/j/94349040266?pwd=MHZ0bkF1TzM0d2d0U3Jnd0NjWHhnUT09

During this session, Dalberg Data Insights will present the current development of the toolkit Data Against Corona virus. The session will touch upon the methodology, the approach and strategy as well as presenting some direct results.

DDI has deployed a full pilot of the Data-Against-Corona toolkit together with the Belgian government, by using anonymised telecom data from the 3 telecom operators and combining it with localised incidence data. DDI set up a governance model, cleared the regulatory requirements and developed algorithms and visualisation. DDI directly feeds the crisis committee and the government to make decisions and communicate to the population. Dalberg Data Insights is currently engaging with other countries to scale up the toolkit in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Since its outbreak in China in 2019, Coronavirus has become a global pandemic. With the growing numbers of people at threat of the infection, it is essential to understand the dynamics of the pandemic and its drivers in order to stop its further spread. Such drivers are interpersonal proximity and human mobility, which are responsible for the expansion of the disease and the introduction of the disease into new locations. However, little is known about mobility patterns of people, and reliable systematic insights regarding people’s travel are not available for health surveillance and intervention planning. At the same time, Ministries of Health and City Authorities need an updated information with high geographic resolution on the spread of the virus in order to take more informed decisions on, for example, when and where to quarantine, where to prioritise resources and interventions based on estimated risk levels.

In 2013, Dalberg Data Insights (DDI) was the only private company to combine telecom data and incidence data to map the spread of Ebola. In the following years, DDI continued to deepen its expertise in working on applying digital to public matters: combating Zika in Brazil, eradicating malaria in Zambia and Guinea.

More info about Astrid Van Lierde: https://bit.ly/3beV57R
More info about Dalberg Data Insights: https://bit.ly/2Vxz51o

All Silversquare's are artfully imagined by artists

Community power15 avril 2020

All Silversquare's are artfully imagined by artists

Today it’s world art day, that’s why we focus the relationship between Silversquare and ART! 

Silversquare invites artists and designers to give its workspaces extra soul. Efficiency is one thing, but atmosphere is just as important to create a work environment helping productivity. In the end, each venue is unique and makes Silversquare an ecosystem based on diversity.

*Artfully imagined by creatives
Inviting artists to participate in the conception of the locations
is an important part of creating the spirit of the place, which is unique to each location, shaping global diversity.

*Optimally designed for proficiency
Silversquare has elevated space planning to an art form, anticipating the needs of its members in terms of comfort, flexibility and interaction.
This is your golden standard.

When we talk about diversity within the Silversquare community, it is a great opportunity for us to introduce the artists among our entrepreneurs members. This might surprise you, you only know them at work. We also wanted to celebrate all artists who designed our workspaces.

Fabrice Randriamanantany from Silversquare Stéphanie
His official Job: IT Recruitment consultant for developer profiles
As an Artist: painter
« everything is a matter of flow and energy »
Check out his Instagram & Portfolio

Aurélien Ernst from Silversquare Triomphe

His official job: Account Manager @ Sellbranch
As an artist: Photographer
His photographic approach: capturing the human in his environment
Check out his instagram

Lizeta Ioan from Silversquare Luxembourg

His official job: Account Officer
As an artist: Photographer
Check out her instagram

Designers of Silversquare's coworking spaces

Lionel Jadot
Origin: born in Brussels in 1969
Know-how: Interior designer, artist, film maker,
designer and adventurer.
Dada: Upcycling
Philosophy: For him everything is object, everything is history. Nothing is thrown away, nothing is lost. He mixes the materials and combines eras. He likes imperfection, it is human. . It breathes life into interiors.
The object, the place becomes an adventure.
Why him? This autodidact learned everything alone …
More info: http://www.lioneljadot.com

Lady Jane
Name: Jane Haesen
Origin: Belgium
Know-how: creative, DJ, Owner of the bar Jane (Brussels)
Philosophy: As she did not find her happiness
in the Brussels evenings, she decided to launch her
own label, Le Catclub. One of the evening concepts
more original and appreciated by Brussels.
Why her? Jane knows how to mix genres. The Catclub
never take place in a club, but appropriate abandoned buildings or places with a interesting architecture to customize them in the Catclub way.

Studio Krjst
Names: Justine de Moriamé and Erika Schillebeeckx
Origin: Brussels
Know-how: fashion designers, artists, image creators,
scenographers and weavers.
Dada: Their weavings are invitations to the contemplation.
Philosophy: KRJST uses colors and materials to express what words can’t describe. they use colors to express what they can’t say with words. They paint with weaving threads imaginary landscapes of a poetic, calm kingdom
and tormented, the chaos where emotions are born.
Why we work with them ? Textile art is both familiar and complex. The contemplator can come closer and take a close look at the details, and then take a little distance to understand the situation in this together.
More info: https://www.krjststudio.com


More exciting Artists collaboration to come…

Inspirez la jeune génération avec votre esprit d'entreprise! Avec Monica de 100 000 entrepreneurs Belgique (FR)

Community power14 avril 2020

Inspirez la jeune génération avec votre esprit d'entreprise! Avec Monica de 100 000 entrepreneurs Belgique

Chère communauté de Silversquare,

L’association 100 000 entrepreneurs Belgique organise des témoignages d’entrepreneurs bénévoles dans les classes d’étudiants dans l’enseignement secondaire et supérieur à Bruxelles et en Wallonie.

En cette période si troublée, Monica Santalena, directrice de l’asbl, souhaite vous faire part de sa solidarité aux travailleurs indépendants et aux entrepreneur.es, qui représentent aujourd’hui une communauté de plus de 2.000 personnes au sein de son réseau belge, dont certains font partie du réseau Silversquare.

Depuis quelques jours, 100 000 entrepreneurs adapte ses méthodes de travail pour réagir face à cette crise sanitaire et au confinement, en proposant un nouveau projet : 100K.DIGITAL, l’organisation de témoignages d’entrepreneur.es inspirant.es par vidéo-conférence sous forme de webinaires.

Montrer l’exemple et la détermination

Parmi les qualités indispensables d’un.e entrepreneur.e, on retrouve la détermination à trouver des solutions, à s’adapter aux changements, au marché, aux situations inattendues et parfois complexes. Générosité, curiosité, persévérance et résilience sont les mots clés le plus utilisés la communauté d’entrepreneur.es lors de chacune des interventions organisées dans les écoles de tous les réseaux francophones de Belgique.

L’équipe de l’association a la certitude qu’une « rencontre virtuelle » permettra aux élèves et aux étudiant.es de mieux comprendre la réalité de l’actualité, en écoutant les parcours des entrepreneur.es de notre communauté et en découvrant les challenges auxquels ils doivent faire face aujourd’hui. Le but de cette initiative est d’aider les jeunes à réfléchir et à imaginer leurs futurs. Pour certain.es, cette intervention représentera un moment inspirant qui les poussera peut-être à lancer un projet et à le mettre en œuvre.

Nous appelons la communauté Silversquare à partager ce projet avec nous !

Comment participer ? C’est très facile, l’équipe de 100 000 entrepreneurs s’occupe de tout ! D’une part, l’équipe prépare l’intervention et valorise vos témoignages au sein de son réseau d’entrepreneur.es et de partenaires. D’autre part, elle organise avec les enseignant.es et les établissements scolaires la diffusion de votre webinaire auprès des participants. L’asbl utilise un outil très simple de vidéo-conférence, qui permet une interaction directe entre vous et les étudiants, via un ordinateur ou un smartphone. De cette façon, nous pourrons, ensemble, continuer à rendre les jeunes réceptifs aux valeurs divulguées par 100 000 entrepreneurs, encore plus dans ces moments difficiles.

Vous souhaitez partager votre énergie entrepreneuriale auprès des jeunes ? Ils vous attendent ! Inscrivez-vous sur notre plateforme afin d’offrir votre témoignage. Infos, inscriptions et planning des webinaires sur www.100k.digital.

Vous avez des enseignants dans votre entourage ? Proposez leur de s’inscrire avec leur classe.

100 000 entrepreneurs Belgique
Avenue Louise 523, 1050 Bruxelles

Online boxing sessions with Marvelous Marvin from Silversquare Louise

Community power10 avril 2020

Online boxing sessions with Marvelous Marvin from Silversquare Louise

As the containment  measures lengthen, coaches from  Marvelous Marvin Boxing Club,  founded by Axel Kuborn,  help you to stay fit and in shape with live boxing streaming classes!  Push a little bit the furniture and get started!

This is an opportunity to get together around a sporting activity, keep training or discover the discipline of boxing.
Feel free to  share  this info with your friends, colleagues and  other members of your Silversquare co-working.


  • Registrations are available on the Marvelous Marvin mobile application (iOS or Android) or via the website
  • When you register, you will receive a link allowing you to access your course on the day of your reservation.
  • The live lessons are viewed via the ZOOM application, to be installed on your computer or smartphone.
  • Please note, registration is free, but mandatory to participate.


For more information about the club:
marvelous marvin’s instagram

The fruit baskets usually delivered in our coworkings can now be delivered to you at home! with Fruits& Passions

Community power9 avril 2020

The fruit baskets usually delivered in our coworkings can now be delivered to you at home! with Fruits& Passions

Fruits&Passions x Silversquare

Good morning to all of you,

In these difficult times, it is our duty to make our contribution to our community. More than ever, mutual aid and collaboration are two essential pillars that must be applied in our daily lives. With this in mind,  Fruits and Passions has decided to contribute its stone to the building as well!

Contribution to the community

Due to the containment measures imposed, it is difficult for many people to be able to travel within the sales outlets in order to carry out their shopping. While our services were initially intended for corporations, we felt it was our responsibility to help individuals by making life as easy as possible for them.

That’s why Fruits and Passions comes to you! During this period of confinement, we have therefore taken the decision to set up a device, aimed at individuals, with the aim of delivering fruit and vegetable formulas to the home. With just a few clicks and via our website, you can place your order to be delivered on Mondays and Fridays.

To do this, each week, Fruits and Passions  will display several formulas representing each of the different compositions of fruits and vegetables.

One of our most important challenges will be to continue to provide you with fresh fruits and vegetables depending on the season and the delivery difficulties that our country is currently experiencing.

Under security, our delivery drivers will walk the roads to come to you and prevent you from leaving your home for your fruit and vegetable purchases.

Want to place an order ?

Place your orders online via our website

I’m helping my neighbor!
The main objective of Fruits and Passions is to help you through this difficult time. Would you like to participate in this collaborative channel? So don’t hesitate to inform your neighbours and loved ones of this new service that we make available specifically. We will be happy to help you and those around you fill up on vitamins!

For more information, please visit our website.

Take care of yourself,
The Fruit team


Tel. 0484 41 19 21
Place de la Minoterie 10
1080 Bruxelles

"How solopreneurs can cope with the COVID-19 situation?" follow the webinar organised by Beelance

Community power, Webinar7 avril 2020

"How solopreneurs can cope with the COVID-19 situation?" follow the webinar organised by Beelance

Beelance x Silversquare

Beelance shapes the future of work by connecting companies and freelancers from the IT & Digital world.

It’s platform that brings together and simplifies collaboration between freelancers and companies. They provide freelancers access to their ecosystem of partners which will help freelancers adapt and improve their visibility in the current and future labour market. Beelance’s ambition is to meet freelancer’s needs and provide solutions to the companies.

Thanks to an innovative matching algorithm, freelancers have the opportunity to find assignments tailored to both their profiles and the customer’s requirements.

Beelance also aims to considerably reduce administrative tasks by providing an online management solution for invoices / contracts / documents related to your assignments.
Beelance is above all a participative platform built around a community: this platform is created with and for you.

New week, new webinar, New guest!

Because Beelance believes that collaboration in the sustainable human evolution, they offer you free webinars with their special guests, sharing their expertise or statements on exciting topics.

Next upcoming guests?
[Friday, April 10 at 1.30pm] 🚀
« How solopreneurs can cope with the COVID-19 situation « 
With “7flows” Bertrand Dour, one of the trendsetters in remote coaching.

Interested in joining it?
Don’t wait any longer and register via the link below 👇


[Friday, April 17 at 1.30pm] 🚀
Etre Independent ou solopreneurs  en temps de crise, les aides et les optimisations fiscales possibles »
With “Accountable” Nicolas Quarré
Registration to be confirmed

[Friday, April 23 at 1.30pm]
Webinar with “Securex” Philippe Vander Linden
Registration to be confirmed


More information about Beelance ↓↓

Urban Sports Club from SQ Europe supports closed gyms and fitness studios with online courses

Urban Sports Club from SQ Europe supports closed gyms and fitness studios with online courses

A solidarity yoga class? It’s possible with Urban Sports Club, which is committed to its sports partners, representing more than 120 gyms in Belgium and 8,000 gyms in Europe.

Urban Sports Club is originally a flexible sport membership that allows its members to access many activities offered at its sports and well-being partners throughout Belgium and Europe. And in this period of lockdown, Urban Sports Club has created in record time a platform of online live classes to support the sports partners, whose venues are closed.

All memberships now give access to solidarity live classes, as 80% of the profits generated will be redistributed to help these numerous venues in difficulty.
Today there are already 700 partners who propose classes and more than 10,000 live classes, figures that are on the rise every day… Brussels Yoga Loft , The Train Station, Serenity Bar or Fitness Zone already offer their live classes on the platform.

How does it work?

The Urban Sports Club community can access a series of live classes every day that are available on the platform. Yoga, pilates, fitness, boxing, bootcamp, the variety of sports is always there. To access them, you just have to have an active membership! The best of everything: all classes in Europe are available to take, from home.

A solution for well-being and solidarity!

Beyond being a great solution to stay active from home, Urban Sports Club and its community show a real sense of solidarity. Indeed, if it is easy for a yoga studio to offer online classes, tennis, climbing venues and such do not have this leisure.
This is why all the profits generated by the membership fees will be paid back equitably to all the partners.

Any question, contact Flavie Lefèvre
Team Lead Marketing Belgique & France