Rock your education from home with Dorothée from SQ Stéphanie

Dear Silversquare Community,

Two weeks ago, I launched my blog around education: The blog is only in French for the moment.

This is the general idea of the blog:

As parents, we have an essential role to play in the education of our children. Education is not just limited to school. And it is often outside of school that children learn essential skills that will bring success in their future lives. The school teaches us a lot of knowledge skills but finally few soft skills.

This blog aims to help parents to support their children in their personal development and school learning.

Cultivating the pleasure of learning in our children is essential for me because it is by placing the development and well-being of our children at the heart of all learning that we will help them develop their full potential. If we want our children to be successful, we need to build on their strengths and allow them to discover themselves and to take into consideration all of their potential.

How I have adapted the blog during this period?

Because of this specific period of time where parents have to work at home with their kids, I was wondering what I could do on my scale to help parents specifically.

I have decided to publish in priority on my blog and on my Facebook page different ideas and challenges to keep children busy in a smart and fun way to avoid them spending all their time in front of the TV or screens. Not only am I sharing activities, but I also share my personal experience as a mother of 3 small kids. In order to really help parents, I’m sharing different tools I have learned through some trainings I followed in the past and that currently help me deal with this new situation.


For example, in my last article, I give more details about a tool from the Positive Discipline: The Family Exchange Time. è

There are many challenges during this period especially for parents with small kids: between the work, keeping the kids busy, intendance of the house, preparation of meals, etc. We are all exhausted so it’s really important to focus on priorities.

How can the Silversquare community contribute?

I would like to make it collaborative so if you want to contribute, I have decided to create a section with parent’s testimonials not really to share activities (there are a lot of Facebook groups for that) but to share a specific idea or tool that helps you to deal with this period of time.

For example: if you have specific tips how do you manage to work and take care of the kids at the same time?

You can contact me directly at


Thanks in advance,

Have a beautiful week and stay safe at home,

Dorothée from Silversquare Stéphanie