Discover a notebook to analayse and manage your emotions with HomeMadeCompany from SQ Louise

Home Made Company is based at Silversquare Louise. Our mission is to support companies in developing the potential of their employees, through training, workshops and coaching. In short, changing the world 😊

The notebooks

In these troubled times, it seems more important than ever to stick together,

to move forward together, to unite ourselves around a common goal: to come out of this

episode of containment. After this, nothing will be the same. We will be changed, grownup and transformed forever. The Society and our companies have learned to work differently. How? It’s up to us to determine that now!

That’s why we’ve created this transformation book, which will accompany you through these

special moments.

There are three parts:
1. Confinement and homeworking: how is it emotionally?  Read it
2. Confinement and homeworking: how do we organize?
3. Confinement, couple and child: and homework in there?

Please, discover today the first book

During this period of confinement, you will encounter many emotional moments. Fear, frustration, loneliness, but also moments of joy 😉 How best to manage all this, to preserve your balance? you’ll find several exercises that will allow you to live these different events serenely in our first book.
–> BOOK 1 <–


It’s a great day!

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