Community power24 mars 2020

Camille, from Inspire Moi Un Métier shares her podcasts & TED Talks selection with us!

Dear Silversquare Community,

Three years ago when I created « Inspire-Moi Un Métier » I wanted to inspire people to find or create their dream job.

Three years later I’ve created mine.

Being a video maker and a podcast producer, I have watched and listened to hundreds of videos and podcasts over the last years and they have been an immense source of inspiration and growth for me.

I though that during this extraordinary period of time, it would be nice to share some of them with you.

The first one I want to suggest is the worldwide renown TED given by Simon Sinek on « How great leaders inspire action ».

This TED has been watched millions of time since it was recorded in 2009. To me, this TED is one of the TEDs I like to go back to once in a while. I’ve watched it again lately as I’m at a turning point in my business.

In this period of time where we can easily ask ourselves a lot of « Why’s » I find it interesting to take the time to slow down or even stop, and ask ourselves the question « Why do I do what I do? »  As we are strongly invited to go back to what really matters, using the word « WHY » is a good starting point to reinvent yourself, your business and hopefully the society we live in.

The second one is an episode from « Change ma vie » a French podcast by Clotilde Dusoulier. This episode, called « Le modèle de Brooke », explains the link between a circumstance, a though, an emotion, an action and a result. As we are all going through outside circumstances that we have almost no control over, I believe that it is key to our mental health to be able to understand this sequence and to be able to make a conscious choice about what we want our thoughts to be and therefor which emotions we want to experience, and the sequence goes on.

Enjoy, stay safe and if you need any support with video or podcast production please reach out!

Have a beautiful week.

Camille from Silversquare Triomphe