Digital tools23 mars 2020

Working remotely : Any IT issue, please contact our official IT partner CONNECTIS

They're there to support you!

The Connectis Group  has been Silversquare’s IT partner for many years.

In these particular times, they expand their activities to provide quality remote service to Silversquare members who need it.

Their teams can help you with different skill levels: IT, printers, internet lines, VOIP, etc.

Given the particular situation, all you need to do is get in touch with them directly:

By introducing yourself as a member of Silversquare, you’ll benefit from a special rate and you’ll be invoiced on the governance principle: invoice after intervention.

Silversquare IT team is also still at your disposal for any question :

We really want that you keep using your tools as much as possible, even if you’re working remotely, to sustain your business.