Let's plant 100,000 trees with the Silversquare team challenge!

AtlasGo x Silversquare

In a period of confinement, you can’t go out… except for a sporting activity. 🏃‍♀🏃‍♂
What if we decided to run for a good cause? That’s motivating, isn’t?

Our member atlasGo proposed us to launch this great challenge :

Download the app, run and plant trees with Silversquare!
• Running is good to stay healthy
• This is a community challenge, we work alone but together.. We run alone but together!
• Every km  = 1 tree planted!

To all Silversquare members, take part in this challenge and let’s replant trees! Every kilometer you bike or run raises funds!

Follow the LINK & run with the Silversquare team!

To join the Silversquare team,
DOWNLOAD THE APP & follow the video below

Challenge accepted?


Hey atlasGo, you're Silversquare's members at SQ Louise. Can you introduce yourself?

AtlasGO is a social B-corp certified startup. We specialise in organising community and employee engagement challenges using our platform. Our challenges usually combine in a single offer, a fitness application that transforms kilometers into donations, a social network that creates cohesion between members or employees and a platform to run an internal communication campaign and publicize important social or environmental projects for the company.

In eye of this crisis we are starting to help companies facing the new reality of social distancing and working from home, as these will challenge businesses and employees alike.

We are creating new campaigns that are focusing on digital community building and that promote immune-boosting behavior such as personal hygiene, sports/exercise, nutrition, mindfulness while keeping morale and company culture front and center.

If you want an example of such a challenge make sure to visit our demo challenge on https://atlasgo.org/demoflattenthecurve. Don’t hesitate to sign up to check out all the features on the app (it’s free).

For us spreading the word is the most important part. If companies know that we can offer them a solution for employee engagement during this difficult time. We are also launching a go4trees challenge.
It’s our newest free community challenge that allows users to transform their KM into trees planted in California! For that please see http://go4trees.org/