Community power, HR20 mars 2020

Betuned is buzzing with their videos! Amélie from Silverquare Stéphanie

Introducing Betuned

Betuned is an innovative startup in recruitment and branding based at Silversquare Stéphanie. Marie and Amélie are workig there since a few months! 

On its platform, Betuned reveals the DNA of companies and candidates to help them better manage and differentiate themselves in the war of talent. Video clips replace descriptive jobs, accompanied by communication campaigns on social networks to reach the right talents! The platform also includes a blog dedicated to employment. The tone of voice is direct and disruptive 

Our goal? Make you happier at work! 

Consultancy in branding and communication is also offered to clients to help them in a more strategic or operational way in their challenges: video creation, definition and visibility of the employer brand, candidate newsletters, community management … 

Betuned’s platform: 

How did we adapt to the current crisis? 

We have adapted on to two levels: internally, in our daily way of working and to the outside world with our customers and in our communication. 

To begin with, within our internal organization and how to operate with the team. Like most Belgians today, we work remotely. Regular calls are organized between the team members to distribute the work in the bast way, follow up on the short term and above all keep in touch. 

Many of our clients continue to recruit, others are still in the middle of a reorganization or a recruitment freeze pending a change in the general situation. We adapt and see the changes to our services on a day-to-day basis. 

In this context, facing the current crisis of Covid 19 and its containment, many companies are mobilizing to adapt their services. We decided to reinvent ourselves quickly to offer, in our own way, our support in this crisis. An article in La Libre Belgique lists the actions of digital start-ups taken in recent days. 

So we created a first video interview with 3 general practitioners this weekend to better inform about covid19. It started on Saturday late in the evening, we did the shooting in Silversquare Stéphanie! We did the video editing to inform a maximum of people about what to do or not to face the virus … We made a real buzz! 

On Tuesday, Amelie launched a video appeal to find out how to help HR professionals and job seekers. 

In response, many requests for practical advice to be put in place quickly. A first capsule was broadcasted: How to work during lockdown? How do I keep a workshop at bay?

Simple tips, testimonials and articles are posted every day on his social networks and Betuned’s blog.

What about tomorrow? 

As the essence of our work is the recruitment we continue to look for talents for urgent demands or consulting.  We will adjust our consulting offer of temporarily profiles to face this crisis and to respond at any urgent demand.  All interviews will be done by Skype or Zoom. 

As from this Friday Betuned will also offer a new remote service de video creation. Our goal is to allow companies to continue to communicate by this channel during the lockdown. 

We need to reinvent ourselves to continue to exist. Therefore we take things positively and we are being creative!  

In the meantime, before finding you all in a few weeks at Silversquare, a little homeworking advice, easy, but efficient!  

Take care of yourselves!  

The Betuned team