SQ update17 mars 2020

Covid-19 update 17.03.2020

Best Silversquare community,

COVID-19 is touching all of our lives. Our top priority in this unsettling time is your wellbeing, and doing what we can to mitigate the impact of the virus on our community.

Governments, scientists and medical advisors are asking companies to do two things: to help limit or slow transmission, and to keep economies moving so that societies are able to function.

We strongly encourage you to work remotely if you can.
Nevertheless, we remain open and provide our services for those who need it. For them, we will maintain safe office environments with greater physical distance and cleaning.

This is a fast-moving situation and we appreciate your patience and cooperation in the days and weeks ahead.

For coworking users

Guaranteeing the disinfection of our coworking space is our first priority and commitment

Cleaning Service
Our cleaning company uses effective products to fight the virus. (Lufragerm, Bomades, Devides or chlorine solution (chlorine overdose).
In-depth disinfection work has been launched in all areas, with a certain focus on contact points (sanitary facilities, elevator buttons, telephones, counters, door handles, ramps, etc.)

Equipment’s available to users of our coworking space
We will provide you with various prevention equipment, the use of which is recommended to guarantee responsible behavior when sharing common areas. Desinfectant gel, spray will be available everywhere, use them without moderation to disinfect the spaces you have occupied, your keyboard, your mobile, etc.
We ordered masks but we gave them to hospitals that needed them.

Closure of meeting rooms
We are following government requests to avoid meetings. This is why we are closing all of our meeting rooms. However, as coworking spaces are less crowded, you have more space in the common spaces. You will be able to take advantage of these spaces while respecting the recommended distance.

All events postponed
All events (afterworks, conferences, presentations, etc.) are postponed until further notice.

Know the density of spaces in real time
You can get information from your local teams on the density of spaces in (almost) real time, in order to choose the space that suits you best.

For home workers

Inbound Mail
Services are maintained. We continue to receive and sort your mail. You are free to pick it up at your convenience.

IT permanence
To make your remote work as easy as possible, we are at your disposal for any question relating to your remote connection / videoconference / ..

Any question, contact community@silversquare.eu

List of useful tools
Here is a list of useful and free tools to ensure quality work at a distance:

• File sharing and backup tools : Dropbox – Google Drive – WeTransfer
• Time tracking tools : Rescue Time – TimeYourWeb – Harvest – Toggl
• Distraction blocking tools : Freedom – Focus Booster
• Video conferencing tools : Google Hangouts – Skype – Zoom Meeting – Microsoft Teams
• To get things done and share it with your colleagues: Trello – Basecamp – Evernote

Print service
• You can send your documents to print to this address: print@silversquare.eu
• You can identify yourself later with your badge or your printer code and print the files “on hold” on the printer of your choice or we can print your documents (as fast as possible and to the extent of our capabilities, given the rotation of our teams and the amount of work they must manage at the same time) and you can come to take it whenever you want.

To all

We want to thank each of you for your commitment at this time. The next few weeks will be tough, but we are every confident in our ability to come through this situation stronger together.

If you have any idea how you can help the community in any way, don’t hesitate to come forward 😊.  Any small gesture can mean a lot at the moment: you are an expert in a domain of use in these troubled times, you know a technology that’s a game changer for working from home, you have tips and tricks that will make a difference for your fellow coworkers?…  It’s important and will make the difference.
Any idea? Write us at  community@silversquare.eu

We are currently working on setting up a platform that will allow us all to share these tips and useful info, and show that we care.

Finally, as always, the case, if you have questions please contact to your local team:

louise@silversquare.eu / +32 2 335 12 01

Stephanie@silversaure.eu / +32 2 895 60 00

Triomphe@silversquare.eu / +32 2 627 77 22

Luxembourg@silversquare.eu /  +352 27 86 40 00

Europe@silversquare.eu / +32 2 893 97 00

Zaventem@silversquare.eu / +32 2 627 56 90

or feel free to write to us at prevention@silversquare.eu
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in the days and weeks ahead,

Take care of you and your loved ones,
Your Silversquare Team